Friday, July 16, 2010

Mel Gibson, my opinion

When I hear these tapes I have to say I am surprised. I'm not surprised that Mel Gibson is a woman hating, racist, misogynistic pig. It's the panting, the profanity, the pure hatred and evil coming out of him. He is literally out of breath with anger. He sounds like The Exorcist, or Satan himself. All he needed was "your mother sucks cocks in hell" and he would be doing the voices from now on in every movie.
He deserves whatever happens to him. His carrer has been in the tiolet for a few years after his last public debacle. He needs medication, he needs help, I don't care if they say the tapes seem doctored. I could understand a woman in her position being afraid and needing to expose him for what he is. Women who date or marry powerul unhinged men can lose everything the moment they tire of you. Not just money but your life. He threatened to put her in a rose garden. That is a death threat, I don't care what the bitch did. This way if something was to happen to her, people will know where to look. It's sad but true. He is completely unbalanced.
She is obviosuly a gold digger.She knew she was recording him and it was wrong. Obviously this had happened before, which ensued her to record him. She did not have the purest of intentions with him and he made a grave mistake. I don't think she had any clue it he was this insane, but then again better for her. He deserves it because well, he traded in his wife of thirty years for a bimbo from Russia. Look at her. Do you think he left his wife for her because she was smart and into Jesus as much as he pretends to be? The fake lips, boobs, hair, the son with actor Timothy Dalton which is how she supports herself, were not signs that you maybe were getting into a kinda, sorta, maybe, shallow relationship? Mel cheats on his wife, this chick gets pregnant, he has to support the ex wife, his kids and now this rent a bimbo and their 7 month old daugter. He made an extremely bad decision for someone so holier than thou. He went with his dick on this one and he will pay the ultimate price. He complains in the tapes she gave him bad publicity because of his leaving his wife and having a child out of wedlock. Boy, I'll say she gave him bad publicity he had no idea how much at the time.
Now for the racist stuff. Ah yes, the getting raped by a pack of n*&^%ers. I am sorry. I don't care how many black people have been at your house, how many movies you made with Danny Glover. That is disgusting. To say that to the mother of your child because she dresses provocatively? Yeah, you know the reason you liked her? I hope he isn't the ones that ends up getting attacked.
This is frightening

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