Friday, July 2, 2010

Holy Crap, People Are Racist!

NEW YORK ( -- The Obama administration is turning up the heat on tanning salons across the country with the passage of its new health care bill.
To help fund the $940 billion health care overhaul, a 10% tax on individuals receiving indoor tanning services was tacked on, and the initiative is expected to generate $2.7 billion over ten years (

 I was reading about the Tan Tax which I believe started last week. Here are some of the frighfully racist comments I read:

Seems like a racist tax that targets white people...


Hmmm i wonder why Obama would put a tax on tanning?? Maybe its because its somethin he would never do. I dont see a tax on fried chicken or rap music.

How about a fried chicken tax...

can we say backdoor reparations?

I have never seen anything as racist as the tax on tanning parlors... I wonder when the last time Michelle Obama stopped by for a quick touch-up on her tan. Maybe they should have a Gold Tooth tax to offset this.

Damn! These are real comments from realy people. Really racist people. I read like 10 comments saying "well I bet he won't tax fried chicken or afro sheen." WTF is that? If you cann afford the $15/$20 to sit in a box to soak up artificial lighting you can pay $16. 50 or even $22 to sit in a box and soak up artificial lighting.
And, if it is Obama's way of sticking it to the man is he also sticking it to himself since his mother is white?

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