Monday, January 19, 2009

Testament to Human Laziness

You know toilet paper? You know how toilet paper used to take a whole 9 seconds to remove the used carton spool to replace it with a new spool? Well now, they have these fancy lil' arms or hooks you put the toilet paper on and it saves you all of 6 seconds every couple of days. Don't get me wrong, I found that task just as annoying as the next person, but this is truly a sign of how lazy we have become as a society. Our ancestors were hunter gatherers and I am pretty sure they had to find a pile of leaves to wipe their asses with and we can't even change the spool of toilet paper. No wonder there is so many obese people in the planet.
You know what else? I drive to the gym to get on the treadmill. I drive so I can walk or run on a treadmill.....ponder that and get back to me.


Anonymous said...

I must disagree. I believe these new toilet arms are much more efficient than its predecessors. I just wonder why they didn’t think of this first. The spring mechanisms that pop in and out are such a waste of material. This is a small sign that we are still inventing (for toilet paper nonetheless, but hey still inventing, a good sign).

Noelle said...

ergonomics do not = lazy.

cristal said...

in our defense... we don't have any storage in our bathroom. zero. what do i do then? should i wiggle to the kitchen pantry with my undies around my ankles?