Friday, January 16, 2009

Reason # 547 I Despise My Job

Yes, I agree that 5:57pm it may be a bit of a drag that the sun has already gone down. But, there is one guy that every night has to say "ooh look at that it's black out already....darkness." He works the late shift and cannot leave the office until 8pm anyways so what does he give a shit whether the sun is shining or not? He comes in at 12pm so I know that he is not up at 6am to enjoy the sunlight while it is out so what exactly is the fucking problem? I sit here and I can see that it is dark as well, but I have to be here until 7:30pm which pretty much guarantees me a night time drive home from this hell hole be it summer, winter or mother-f'ing spring.
Stupidity....what an inspiration.


lawyerette said...

hahaha!!! I think I know who you are talking about :)

michele said...

such built up anger... you need to go to yoga or something. xox