Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tiger? Why? What Happened? Part 2 of 347

Tiger and Rachel traded text messages and e-mails on a regular basis and many were of a highly sexual nature, sources told exclusively.
She was scheduled to appear at a press conference Thursday with her attorney Gloria Allred but it was suddenly cancelled after a night ofphone calls between Uchitel’s team and Tiger’s reps, as was first to report.
Uchitel is hoping to turn her saved messages from Tiger into a fortune and one source told that she is negotiating a $1 million payday from Tiger’s team, which would ensure her silence. (

Oh Tiger, what were you thinking? Look at that woman's lips! Of course she would not seal them at the chance of more collagen and expensive hair extensions. 
Tiger has no game obviously because he has no idea how to handle his bitches. Sending text messages? Leaving voice mails saying "Hey, it's Tiger..." What the hell was he thinking?
His wife is such a classy dame too. Not the typical "athletes wife". Demure, beautiful and loyal. Then he fucks around with Thing 1 and Thing 2.

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