Friday, December 12, 2008

Human In Love With Vampire....that would be me.

OK. I give. Uncle. I am not made of wood people, I am not made of wood. I have joined the gaggles of women of what I once called silly and have fallen in love with Edward Cullen.
You give me the brooding, impossibly gorgeous guy with the messy hair and the crooked smile....FUCK!
It's sensual, but not sexual. She smells so tasty to him, that he wants to devour her, but he can't because he is also completely in love with her. Did I mention the perfection? Oh yeah, perfection. He rocks her to sleep (which I might find annoying but not from him), he sings her lullaby's that he composed himself (which I might find annoying as well but not from him), he is protective to the point of carrying her all the time (....well you know). Oh and he growls......I haven't heard it yet but I imagine it is very very arousing.....or scary which I find arousing.
So yeah, I joined the coven.

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cristal said...

we just finished the book and are going to see it tonight... we couldn't put it down.

oh to be bella...